Time Regulators are an organization in the Underground and Surface, much consisting of Humans and Monsters who agreed to work together having contact with each other. The most important T.Rs have died in their missions accepting their fate.


KJ Neue Helvetica (KJ)

A skeleton monster speaking a mix of KJV611 and Neue Helvetica World, the twin brother of Calibri G. He was a time regulator out of choice. Traveling to the Downfall Timeline, as the Time Indent affected the timeline, KJ sacrificed himself to make the sure the Timeline had its outcome. Reigns from America

Duarte Dorbeta (Dante)

Dominican. One of the older people in the group at 34, he stayed behind monitoring the ensuing the Time Indents disappeared, he is an Immortal like Maguto, having unknown power his own colleagues questions.

Madalynn Martinez (Madd)

Wolf-like Monster coming from Canada. Going to the Unstated Timeline. She soon goes M.I.A, after completing her mission and not seen until Act II

Marshall Ivory (Marsh)

Makoto Haru




  • Makoto's name means Spring's Sincerity
  • Dante's name means Prosperous guardian to the Virgin Mary
  • Madd's name means From the high tower and Warklike
  • Marsh's name means Steward and Creamy white