TimelineTale is an AU created by MickRunner.


Years ago, Immortals roamed the lands of the Underground and Surface. Over time it has been known that Time Indents have started to change the course of the Future, Two people, man, and monster banded to together to create the Time Regulators, an organization of Man and Monster helping to regulate time from Time Indents, created by an unknown source. The last indents now follow three timelines and the Immortals of those Timelines have to band together and stop the Time lndents from causing permanent damage to the Universe its self


  • The main protagonist is a immortal
  • 6 Time Regulators have died
  • Immortals are a rare occurrence, some even skipping generations
  • Immortals cannot die from natural cause or disease only physical damage inflicted on them by another person or themselves
  • Time based powers are rare as well